Saturday, April 3, 2010


At the "Crow" I've always had lots of fat quarters on the shelves. Because many people find it hard to choose colors,I found myself putting more and more co-ordinating fat quarter bundles together. Although labor intense, most people go for the bundles of fat quarters because they are convenient,they match and as I have heard them so often say... " I NEED THESE!"". So, comes the phrase " NEEDFUL BUNDLES". Don't we all (as quilters) need more fabric and chocolate( oh,that's a whole different subject) but the Easter bunny does have chocolate for tomorrow and I think someone got into it early........?? I wonder who it was?? But anyway back to the needful bundles.......
Most of the "needful bundles" are rolls of 6 or 8 fats of collections or colorways.
We have many bundles from the collections of Jo Morton, Kansas Trouble, Bonnie Blues and Red Roosters Whimsicals . I love the way they look sitting in a wooden bowl or old trunk and hope you like them to!! Stop by and purchase a "Needful Bundle" for a project, your stash or to just display in your favorite bowl or basket.

Happy Quilting,