Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have always liked to make quilts and do crafts by just using my own thoughts. Before I had the quilt shop I always did things my way and never followed a pattern, but with the quilt shop I must follow the rules of the patterns. I also find that I do not see many primitve or folkart patterns in the quilting industry and I feel there is a need for us "Primies" to have some options. This flag is the 1st of hopefully many patterns to come that I will be designing. I know...this flag could be more primitive..but I am testing the waters. What do you think? I made the flag so it would fit on the shop front door, it measures 29"x42" and is simple to make.
Just in time for July 4th, Labor Day, or just to honor our country. Leave your comment and you may win a FREE pattern.

Happy Quilting,

New Quilt " Me and My Shadow"

Another quilt done!!! I love quilts with applique, but have to admit that I cheat when it comes to the applique part. No time for needle turn applique( although I do love the look) so I fuse my pieces down and do a small running stitch with co-ordinating thread so it doesnt show much. I also like to use a blanket stitch, but didnt on this quilt because I thought it would look to heavy. The meander quilting was done on my long arm (Millie) and yes.. I did quilt over everything. I know some of you do not like to quilt over applique, but I do not have a problem with it and kind of like the way it keeps the quilt flat.The pattern for this quilt is from Primitive Pieces by Lynda and is called " Me and My Shadow". Call shop or e-mail me for the pattern. Comments always welcome!

Quilted Crow

Thursday, June 2, 2011


A quilt finished...Ya!!! I have been working on this quilt for a while and couldn't wait to finish it, I just love it! It started out to be a possible BOM for the shop, but realized that it more work to kit each month than I had time for, so it will be a shop sample for now then it will come home with me. The quilt is from the book " The Civil War Sewing Circle" by Kathleen Tracy and is called " Friendship Album Quilt". This book has many wonderful patterns and if you dont already own a copy it is well worth purchasing.
You may notice that my quilt is smaller than the book version...I put just one row of the album quilt blocks instead of two...this is so when it comes home it will fit onto the wall I have assigned to it and also because I was driving myself crazy picking the colors for the blocks ( hee..hee) and to think that I tell my customers not to fuss over the colors for scrappy quilts!!! I guess that I do not practice what I preach...can you believe that!!!
Well, anyway I am now working on a quilt called " Me and My Shadow" from Primitives by Lynda with lots of colors and applique( no wonder I found more gray hairs). Hope to post it soon! Look forward to your comments.

Happy Quilting,