Wednesday, August 22, 2012

" Hallows Eve" revealed

Here is another quilt from the "Primitive Quilts" magazine called "hallows' Eve".The design is by Dawn Heese. My sample is a bit smaller than the original and I also eliminated the appliqued pieces. I wanted this to fit on a wall instead of my bed,so this just worked better for me. I am able to get 3 kits from the fabric that I have so anyone interested can contact me. The kits have enough fabric to make the original size of the quilt that is in the magazine. I love the colors in the quilt and it looks great hanging on the porch at the cabin. Now onto the next project............another from the Primitive Quilts magazine! This issue is just full of fun projects. Happy Stitching, Peg

Friday, August 17, 2012


Here is a " sneak peak" at the latest project that I am working on... Here is a hint " Primitive Quilts & Projects" . Can you guess? The project is almost done, just have to sew the binding down and it will be hung at the shop. I will only be able to put together 3 kits because of shortage of fabric. Maybe I can find some other fabrics to substitute so I can make more kits.
I have been in a " FALL" kind of mood lately......maybe because this is what I am seeing in the yard at the Crow. The flowers are starting to wither away and the leaves are falling early because of the dry weather and then heavy rains. I am anxious to get some mums and pumpkins and to decorate outside. I just received an order of fall pumpkin candles and fall scented candles that will be put out at the Crow soon and I need to change the decorations inside also. The only thing missing is the smell of a fresh Apple Pie baking in the oven...yum..yum!!! Keep Stitching, Peg

Monday, August 6, 2012

Punchneedle "Happy Jack"

Punchneedle pumpkin "Happy Jack" is finished and sitting a top of a 6" round shaker box.I painted the top black, the bottom sides black striped and the inside bottom is done in a "BOO" scrapbook paper. Happy Jack was punched by me using 3 strand valdani threads. This little box would make a wonderful decoration for fall and/or halloween ...or put your favorite little scissors, buttons or trinkets inside. Box is for purchase contact me by e mail or phone. Price: $25.00


The new book " A Day at Sunny Brook" by Maggie Bonanomi just arrived at the shop and I decided to make the wool applique" Rosy Posy "pillow. This is just one of the many great projects that are in the book and it gave me a reason to use some of our luscious wools. A quote from the book........... "Me thinks it is a token of healthy and gentile characteristics, when women of high thought and accomplishments love to sew, especially as they are never more at home with their own hearts than while so occupied" Nathaniel Hawthorne The Marble Fawn 1859