Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Kitten

Recently we added a new member to the family (Mia) a calico kitten. She was an orphan that was dropped off at a local feed store along with her brothers and needed a home she came! Molly, our other cat wasnt having anything to do with Mia, but with lots of persistent Mia has finally gotten Molly to play with her and be nice! I love watching them 2 girls Molly and Mia (my M&M's).Look at those wild wiskers and yes Mia is in the Christmas tree peeking out!

Apple Pie

Its the day after Christmas and I am baking again!!! I didnt get to make my hubby's favorite ( Apple Pie) for Christmas decided to do it today. Why is it that baking makes such a mess....flour everywhere as you can see. Its true I am not a neat baker but as my Mother used to say good baker is a neat baker. My mother who was a wonderful baker , made the best apple pies and crust and her sugar cookie recipe is the best ever!! I have tried other recipes, but my husband and sons always know and remind me that they do not taste the same so I have learned not to mess with a good thing. Of all the things that I bake, these are the two that bring back fond memories of Mom and what a wonderful women she was. Her life was about family and making all her children (total 7) and grandchildren feel special! So baking this pie was actually a labor of love and fond memories!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mark your calendars for our " HOLLY JOLLY" FABRIC SALE!! Christmas fabric on the bolt will be on sale Dec 14th - Dec 23th. Christmas fabric will be 40% OFF with a minimum purchase of 1 yard cut per bolt. While fabric lasts!!

HOLIDAY CLOSING....The shop will be closed from Dec 24th - Dec 27th (Friday-Monday).
Will re-open on Dec 28th (Tuesday).

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the "Crow" girls....Peg, Shelly and Evie.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter has Arrived!!! it COLD!!! Everyone knows that I hate the cold, it makes my bones ache. But the first clean fluffly snow of the season nestled on the cabin and in the yard is so very pretty and I cant help but appreciate the beauty in it all!!! The bunny in the wagon was buried under all the snow so I brushed him off and took his picture, after all he is braving the snow and cold! (Ha). The other picture is of "Chilly Willy" the store mascot for the winter. He is such a sweet snowman....he smiles at everyone when they enter the store and never complains about anything!
Finally, I know that I am a really bad blogger(slacker), but hope to do better with the new dont give up on me!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!