Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bad Kitty!

Mia is at it again......she hears the sewing machine and thinks that Mommy needs her help. I am trying to put a jelly roll quilt together out of Modas Collection Friendship and SOMEONE keeps getting in the way of my progress. This kitty loves fabric and likes to let me know by posing for the cutest pictures, so I now keep a camera in my sewing room. The day that I rescued her from the feed store I knew she was special, she keeps us laughing and I think that she loves posing for the camera. Iam waiting for her to take her afternoon nap so I can get something done on the quilt. Looks like she is cozying up now for the afernoon..........gotta go!! Sewing to do! Happy Stitching, Peg

Sunday, June 10, 2012

" Pioneer Woman"

I dont know if I have just been under a rock or what, but I just discovered the " Pioneer Woman" on the food network and I am addicted to the show!! I do occasionally watch the food network, but find that a lot of the recipes just do not fit in with my simple life. I am a simple " homestyle" kind of girl when it comes to my cooking. I think that it comes from my Mother who kept her food simple and delicious and also from my hubby and sons who like simple and complain when they can't figure out what is in the recipe!( to quote them.....what is this?) So now that I have discovered "Pioneer Woman" on the food network (she also has 2 books) that I will be purchasing,I will be setting aside Sunday mornings at 7 am to watch her show. I will set my alarm if I have to and have my morning cup of coffee in hand, cozy up on the sofa with my morning lap kitty Molly and we will watch "Pioneer Women". I wonder if I was a pioneer woman in a past life...OMG, I losing control! So, if you havent seen her program or purchased her books check it out. Let me know what you think or if you know about her already. Peg

Friday, June 8, 2012

" Union Stars Quilt"

This quilt " Union Stars" was made using many of the Civil War fabrics from the shop. You can use fabrics from your own stash or come to the shop for the fabrics or a kit. You will need the book " The Civil War Sewing Circle" for the pattern. Happy Stitching, Peg

Thursday, June 7, 2012


New fabric collection just arrived called " To Many Men". This is a soft whimsy collection of snowmen, snowflakes and such. We are cutting kits for the project patterns and for FQ bundles. I can't believe that we have to think of snowmen already...they are talking temps of 90 later this week ( hope the little guys don't melt)! This collection should sell fast...so dont delay. Happy Stitching, Peg