Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It started on Mothers Day...coming back from breakfast. I thought about all the long arm quilting that needed to be done and that I should go to the shop for the rest of the day. But a little voice inside kept saying " Do something for Yourself". So, with that thought I pulled out a project that I have been wanting to do for sometime now. Most of the fabric was already picked out, so I dusted off my Bernina, starting cutting and piecing...........it felt so good!!! Pictured are some of the blocks that will go into the quilt. Of course Jo Morton fabrics are being used along with one of her patterns called " Midnight Garden" from the 2009 American Patchwork Quilting magazine. Watch for more pictures to come!!! I am determined to finish this quilt so I can have something new in my house.
How come the floor in my sewing room looks so clean...swiffers are a wonderful thing!
Happy Quilting.

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