Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cabinets Arrived

Cabinets arrived on Friday and Hubby spent the weekend unpacking and installing my beautiful birch cabinets. He keeps reminding me that he is NOT a carpenter, but I just keep saying " yes dear" as he is moaning and letting some choice words fly! The cabinets appear blotchy in the photo..but are not at all like that. I feel like a kid in a candy store..I keep opening and closing the drawers and running my hands over them...Cant wait for the counters and all the finishng trims to be done.
Hubby figured a way to keep old sink hooked up until new one arrives and he even recycled the cardboard for our counter tops ( and he says he's not a carpenter)Ha!!
Along with all the disruption, I managed to celebrate another Birthday! Cards from friends and family, a sweet sign from the grandson, beautiful tulips from Jan and the hubby's persistence in getting my cabinets in for me this weekend.

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