Sunday, June 23, 2013

Row by Row Shop Hop

Kits for the Row by Row
We (the crow girls) have been busy preparing for the NYS Row by Row shop hop that is starting on July 1st.
The sample is made , the patterns has been printed, the kits are being assembled .......and more fabric has been ordered.
We are hoping that everyone will take time out of their busy
summer to visit many of the participating shops ( 75 in all).
This year PA is also having a Row by Row shop hop, so be sure
to visit some of their shops along the way.
Remember ...the pattern is FREE when you visit any participating shop and many of the shops including the Crow will be offering fabric kits for the their pattern.
Something new for this year is a collectible fabric license plate with the shops favorite saying.....can you guess what ours is?
Because these were special made for each shop there will be a small fee.
Our row has an optional red border and binding that will be include in the fabric kits..........Hope you like our Row!
For more information and to get a list of participating shops go to:
facebook...NYS  Row by Row
Happy Stitching,

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