Monday, December 9, 2013

Home Improvements've got to love them, their brains just don't work like ours. When my husband decides to do something ...WATCH OUT! With this remodel before I knew it the sheet rock was flying and seriously just before the holiday! What is he thinking!
Al ( hubby) and I had talked about doing some updating in the homestead for awhile....but after the kitchen re-model we wanted a break. So a few weeks ago he what do you think about doing some of the painting and  remodeling that we talked about?
My reply was.........Well, we aren't getting any younger and I say lets do it. So I assume that we will talk about our plan and start after the holidays.....Wrong! Right after this brief talk, I shuffle off to my sewing room for a night of sewing....when suddenly I hear something that sounds like a hammer and ripping sound!
I think to myself (OMG) is he really starting to rip apart the living room?
YEP!  I will say no more...we managed to get thru Thanksgiving and I hope that I can pull off Christmas! Here are some pics of our little nest in utter chaos.
Sheet rock replaces old paneling.....Molly supervising

Paint going on the color ( Stoney Creek)
Below is bedroom.... paint, crown molding and new ceiling.
The ceiling is made of wide planks...I love it
Still need to hang pictures, hang a window curtain .
I think that I will keep it simple
I will post more pictures as we progress....
and by the way...I have to say that I am so thankful that
I have a husband that can do almost anything even if he is a
crazy man when he get tools in his hands..........LOL!
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Merry Christmas.When an artist gets inspiration go with the flow. Great job
    Al you must keep women happy!