Sunday, August 9, 2015

Great Saturday

 Saturday was our annual Quilters Lawn Sale and what a great day!
The weather co-operated and we had a great turn out.
I wanted to get more pictures, but it got so busy so fast
that I was only able to take pictures of us at the very start
 and of a few early birds....................................................
There were hundreds of bolts of fabric on sale along with books,
patterns, pre-cuts and lots of miscellaneous items and FREE Hot dogs!
Although the sale was good and the weather co-operated it has been a stressful week.
To start with the hubby ended up in the hospital for 3 days on strong antibiotics for diverticulitis in order to prevent having surgery, I was knee deep in preparing for the sale and the Row by Row shop hoppers were in all week long. I am exhausted but relieved that my husband is ok and that everything went well.
So now onto next week and our annual picnic for our sewing group.
Here are a few pics that I was able to get of the Lawn Sale
Evie and Maureen admiring the fabric
View from the road
Some early birds getting started..
Rushing for the best fabrics
Hope that you are having a great Sunday!