Sunday, December 26, 2010

Apple Pie

Its the day after Christmas and I am baking again!!! I didnt get to make my hubby's favorite ( Apple Pie) for Christmas decided to do it today. Why is it that baking makes such a mess....flour everywhere as you can see. Its true I am not a neat baker but as my Mother used to say good baker is a neat baker. My mother who was a wonderful baker , made the best apple pies and crust and her sugar cookie recipe is the best ever!! I have tried other recipes, but my husband and sons always know and remind me that they do not taste the same so I have learned not to mess with a good thing. Of all the things that I bake, these are the two that bring back fond memories of Mom and what a wonderful women she was. Her life was about family and making all her children (total 7) and grandchildren feel special! So baking this pie was actually a labor of love and fond memories!!

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