Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bed Runner

Bed Runner comes in many forms. Sometimes from magazines or pinterest
this time it came from one of my customers.
She brought a bench runner that she had made to our club meeting for show and tell
everyone loved it.......including me!
So, this weekend I found myself thinking of all the Civil War fabrics scraps that I have
and how I really liked that why not make one.
Here is the finished top ..why do the lights stand out so much in the pic?
If you do not want to make a large quilt , this is a great idea to make a bed runner quilt.
It can be placed at the foot of your bed , you can drape it over the back of your sofa
roll it up and place into a basket for a cozy country look. ( one of my favorite things to do)
Now onto the next project!

Happy Stitching,

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