Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Quilts for Shop

Country Rose

Just finished a couple of quilts for the shop. This is a super easy fat quarter friendly quilt with a country style.
I used fusible applique for the flowers and stems which made it go fast.
It was made using the " Garden Grove" fabric collection from Kim Diehl.
Of course the picture doesnt really capture the might help if I had a better camera.
Because I had to drape it over the fence ...the quilt is hanging upside down so that I could get both of the borders in the pic. There are only 2 borders on the quilt.
I also have kits already to go for anyone interested.
The second quilt is made from charm squares and background fabric.

Snowball Charm
This quilt is made using one of Moda's Charm squares packs and background fabric from
" Kansas Troubles"
Although it is a snowball block...because of the same color in all the snowballs, your eye goes to the diamond and not the snowball. I love the simplicity of this little quilt.
I have this need to be working on several projects at a time when I am quilting, stitching, or punching.
Maybe its a multi tasking thing or just an attention problem, but I always love it when all of a sudden several projects are complete and I feel that I have gotten a lot done.
So, with that said let me tell you about some yummy WOOL projects that are in the works.
The first is a Maggie Bonanomi " Wool Hearth Rug" I will probably put it on a table or wall at home after it visits the shop for a while.
The other wool project is the " Prairie Rose " table runner from Primitive Gatherings.
Both projects require a lot of hand stitching and preparation but I am enjoying the process.
I am almost done with the wool hearth rug....but have a ways to go on Prairie Rose so it will be awhile.
Maybe I will tease you as I go are some pics.

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  1. LOVE the new quilts and am dying to see what you are making with the wool! Please share soon. Hope you are doing great! Happy Mother's Day!!!