Monday, May 27, 2013

Wool Projects update

Wool Hearth Rug

Happy Memorial Day to All!
My last post I memtioned that I would show you some of the wool projects that I am working on.
This is the wool Hearth Rug that I just finished.
It is in the book Buttonwood Farm by Maggie Bonanomi. I love the primitive style of this rug.
It will probably hang on a wall or lay on a table.
The other project is the Prairie Rose table runner that is is the book Summer Gatherings by Lisa Bongean.
This is a very large table are seeing one side .
It is so much nicer in person. It is taking a long time to stitch everything down, so it will be a while for the finish.
This will be a good project for sitting on the porch with a cold drink and stitching away.
I will soon be showing you a large banner or valance that I am working on for the shop.
It has the shop name "Quilted Crow" with my Crow logo on it and I am happy with the way it is turning out.
Now I need to figure out where to put it in the shop.

Now for some KITTY talk...

This weekend I spent a little time sewing and my Molly decided to join me.

She was watching so QUIET.....when suddenly see looked up at me as if to say... made a must fix it....the ladies would be so disappointed in you!
and sure enough there it was ...a piece was reversed in the block.
Thank You... my precious Molly, I always knew that you were one smart cat!
And then there is Mia....

She loves my sewing room and wants to be in the center of it all ( but to sleep) of course.
She thinks that Molly needs to take a chill pill. Who cares about any mistakes that Mom makes
as long as she keeps the treats coming and lets me nap on the sewing table.
So there is the latest on the furry M&M girls. I call Molly the plain and Mia the peanut. Get It?
OK...just humor me!

Happy Stitching,

Happy Stitching,


  1. LOVE both of your wool projects! I'm working on block 12 of Summertime by Primitive Gatherings, and I'm ready to start something new. Glad you have such great kitty help!

  2. Love your wool hearth mat and your quaint quilt cottage. Looks like a great place to visit and I love that line of fabric too.... Marg

  3. LOVE the table runner, Peg! It's stunning. Will you be making kits for that? I'll take one!

    1. Yes....I can make kits. Do You have the book for the pattern?

    2. Yay! I don't have the book. Do you have them available? Thank you thank you!

    3. Yes ...I will also put the book with the kit.

      Happy Stitching,